Owning a cat can be a very unique experience, while in general they are not known to be the most social of animals, they can also be the most loving pet in the moments they have where they do want to be with you. They are highly intelligent animals, and they are fascinating to watch as they prowl your home with the curiosity of, well, a cat.

However, one problem all cat owners will face is their cat’s sleep schedule; cats are nocturnal animals, and even if they adjust a little to your schedule over time, it will never feel like enough to give you a decent night’s sleep. But, there are some ways to help your cat sleep more at night, giving you the rest you need.

1) Play Before Your Bedtime

Cats love to play, not just physical play but mental, too. There are many toys you can buy that require your cat to think or solve puzzles, it sounds crazy but cats love it, we all know how we feel if we have a mentally challenging task, it’s tiring and it is for cats as well.

Physical play is also important, playing with your cat using their favorite plush mouse, or a run around as they chase a laser goes a long way to ensuring they will be asleep soon after. If you think you cannot give them enough physical exercise, it is sometimes better to get a second cat; this way when you are at work, they will spend their time playing with each other, doing all the work for you.

2) Feed Your Cat Late

One of the main reasons a cat will disturb you before the sun has even risen is that they are hungry, people tend to feed their cat at the same time they feed themselves, which can be as early as 5 or 6pm, but given that your cat doesn’t get an evening snack as you might, they are hungry again when you are still sleeping. Change your cat’s feeding routine, and give them their last meal around 10pm, a full tummy helps them fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep.

3) Soft Bedding

Cats also like to feel safe, warm and secure when they are sleeping, in fact, they love it. The safer and comfier they are, the quicker they will sleep; make sure the area they sleep is warm, cozy and soft, the kind of soft that can replicate their own fur, this is the ultimate way to relax for them.

4) Music

Soothing music is good for the soul, it helps babies stay calm, it helps animals stay calm, and cats are no exception. Find music that is soft and slow, nothing with a bass track or an uptempo pace; something that will help a baby fall asleep can have the same effect on a cat.

Cats are also creatures of habit and the more you incorporate these routines into their life the easier and quicker they will fall asleep, allowing you to get through your day feeling as refreshed as your cat does.