Playtime for Cats Is Helpful: Here Are the Top 10 Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2019 to Consider

Pets have always been excellent companions for human beings. In as much as they keep us company and guard our homes, they also deserve to have fun. Playtime is one way to do it. Technology has made life a lot easier in every aspect. Even animals have toys. Do you have a cat? Instead of sitting and playing around with it, think about buying it an interactive cat toy. The market has plenty of products to consider purchasing.

However, it is crucial to go for the best items you can get to avoid wasting money on inferior brands. When shopping, there are certain factors to keep in mind to help you identify a worthwhile toy. They include quality, material, construction, and ease of use. Purchase a high quality product that will last a while before you have to buy another one. Check the material. It should be strong and safe to prevent harming your pet or the environment. Buy a toy with a sturdy structure to prevent it from moving around; however, active your pet gets.

Are you having trouble deciding which play tool to buy your little friend? Below is a review of the 10 best interactive cat toys to consider purchasing.

10. AikoPets Arch

AikoPets Arch

As an example of the best interactive cat toy, AikoPets is a versatile product that serves different roles. It can function as a self-groomer, brush, massager, scratcher, and a toy too. As your cat plays around with the arch, it can scratch itself on the scratchpad instead of your couch, therefore preventing unsightly claws on your precious furniture. The bristles massage your kitty, allowing it to shed extra fur instead of doing it on your furnishings. With this brand, you are buying something that is durable, multipurpose, foldable, space-saving, easy to set up, and portable. It is perfect for cats of all ages.

9. Aolikes Interactive Cat Toy

Aolikes Interactive cat toy

When you settle for Aolikes, you are purchasing a smart toy with remote control for added user convenience. If you are looking for cat toys for indoor cats, this set can meet that need. It features a frightened mouse on a motorized wand, and your cat has to track the mouse-tail. How fun is this toy? The tail runs in random directions to boost your pet’s hunting instincts. The product offers multiple timers and function buttons that make it easier to control. About the timers, you can choose to have the toy working for 20minutes, 30, 40, or 60. Besides, you get to choose a suitable speed for your pet, be it fast, medium, random, or slow. Aolikes relies on batteries for power.

8. Easyology Roller Toy

Easyology Roller toy

Gift your kitty with Easyology’s 3-level toy that comes with three bright balls. It is a charmer, a teaser, and a recreational device with several things to offer. With this, your cat can have exciting moments and exercise. It is also usable with more than one cat. You do not have to buy separate toys if you have three kittens, for example. The balls swirl on the levels to stimulate responses from your mouser. The company has safety concerns in mind. In that regard, the manufacturer makes a toy without strings or things that could harm your lovely companion. Do not worry about quality. Easyology provides you a reliable, lightweight toy that will last you a while. The ball-spinning thrill will keep your cat up and about.

7. Catit 2.0 Digger

Catit 2.0 Digger

As one of the best cat toys 2019, Catit Senses does not only offer play but pawing as well. It gives your pet a platform to enjoy poking into several tubes for fun without going outside to dig into the soil. You can use treats and kibble in the toy and allow your cat to explore and have a stirring time. If you have any Catit Senses 2.0 accessories, this product is compatible with them. The tubes have round ends to make pawing even more exciting. Taking them down is easy to let you clean them for hygiene reasons. Catit appeals to the senses of taste, touch, smell, and sight.

6. WingPet Cat Toy

WingPet cat toy

WingPet is an automatic cat toy that offers much entertainment. It has a switch, which you open and the worm tail insides randomly rotate to lure your cat into trying to catch it from the holes. The product takes a hexagon box shape and has several holes. Place the bonus ball in the holes and rotate the toy for fun. You can also use treats to make the game more rewarding for your pet. The ball or treats get out through the holes when you rotate the toy. However, you can use the worm d ball at a go for more sense stimulation. WingPet runs on batteries and has a 15-minute auto-off timer that gives your cat a break from play. The toy operates quietly and consists of durable, eco-friendly, safe plastic material.

5. Ailuki 31 Pieces Toys

ailuki 31 Pieces toys

Are you looking for a more comprehensive cat toy? Consider purchasing Ailuki. It is not just one toy but is available as a package containing different things. It consists of a collapsible tunnel, teaser wand, feather toy, fluffy mouse, bells, and crinkle balls among other items. This way, you do not have to buy separate toys for different exercises. The items in the pack are durable, non-toxic, and safe for your cat and the environment. They allow a pet to enjoy pouncing, batting, kicking, and many other activities that enrich playtime. Ailuki also has chew sticks that ensure oral hygiene and care for your cat. The company also provides buyers with a storage bag.

4. PetDroid 2nd Generation Electronic Toy

petdroid 2nd generation electronic toy

PetDroid consists of a silica gel construction and uses three AA batteries to operate. Have it on the ground or mount on the wall and let your precious companion have fun. With this brand, you get two simulated mouse-tails that move and conceal through six holes. The fifth mode has a mouse sound to make playtime even more stimulating. Besides, there are two spare tails in the pack to save you extra costs. After 15minutes, the toy automatically stops to prevent wearing out your cat. The timer also helps conserve battery energy. The material used in making the kitty toy is safe. In case your cat bites or chews it, there is no reason to be alarmed.

3. Zenes Butterfly Toy

Zenes Butterfly Toy

Unlike the previous cat toys in the review that provide teaser tails and balls, Zene offers something different. Your cat gets to chase a colorful, flickering purple or yellow butterfly. It flies in different, unpredictable directions prompting your pet to be active. The product has a broad, heavy bottom to ensure its stability at all times, no matter how playful your cat gets. Besides, the company provides replacement butterflies in the package for convenience. Using this plastic toy is as simple as pushing a button, and it begins to rotate. The butterfly flies in a circle, and as it takes different paths, your pet has a chance to learn and improve prey instincts.

2. PetFusion Ambush

PetFusion Ambush

What does the PetFusion offer? It is a cordless, battery-operated toy that releases prey through six entries randomly and fast. The feather pops out of the holes at various time intervals to boost play experience. The color LED light allures kittens into play during the day and night. With this ambush toy, it has an anti-skid base that stabilizes it on smooth surfaces such as tile and hardwood floors. It utilizes a turkey feather, which is easily replaceable. The company includes an extra feather in the box. That is not all. The batteries have a long life to save you extra costs while the auto-shutoff aspect saves energy and prevents the toy from over stimulating your pet.

1. Pawsome Laser Toy

Pawsome Laser toy

Pawsome provides you with a cat toy with a different technology from the other product. It uses a laser light that rotates 360 degrees creating a thrilling setting for your pet. The takes has a diamond-shaped head that spins randomly across a surface to encourage hunting impulses. There are three adjustable speeds to select random, slow, and fast. This way, your cat is not stuck with one play method. You get to choose an appropriate mode suitable for your pet’s ability. Mix things up for extra fun. To protect against overstimulation, the laser goes off automatically after 15minutes. Pawsome is stylish, elegant, and colorful with a modern look to suit any décor.

Final Thought

Cats are awesome pets. Appreciate your kitty with a nice interactive toy for play, massage, scratching, and improving prey instincts. It will keep your cat busy whenever you are busy. Each of the products above is different from the other, but they all offer something great for your cat. What remains is you finding a product that appeals to you and makes a purchase. It could the 31 piece set, the butterfly pack, or the laser. It is your choice.