Cats need a variety of nutrients in their food and as they get older, different vitamins allow cats to stay healthy. Finding the best cat food for older cats can be difficult with the vast selection of product available on the market. Some companies claim their food will keep your older cats healthy and happy yet lack the required nutrients to do so properly. Some products are great for kittens and helping them grow, but useless to your older pets.

Providing the best option to your elder furry friend will keep them healthy and happy in their adult life. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 cat food products for older cats. You can find information on the product, what consumers are saying about it, and a list of pros and cons about each option. Each cat food is different and offers different benefits to your pets. Finding the right food for your cat doesn’t have to be difficult.

From reading the label, seeing what’s in your cat’s food, and knowing the difference between healthy and harmful, you can make finding the best food for your cat easy. Trendy words that are used commonly across the industry like “natural” or “premium” should be checked as they tend to be rather loose. Some add ins to your food can be difficult to digest, always make sure the product you buy is approved by a licensed organization.

In this article we will look at top 10 best cat food products for your senior cat available today.

1. Iams Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food

Iams Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food

Iams prides themselves on offering their consumers quality food that is guaranteed fresh and real. Their cat food is top of the line and is commonly recommended by veterinarians for consumption.

Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat food is a top-rated senior cat food. With special ingredients that make it specially chosen for cats aged 11+. Different vitamins and substances keep this product healthy and your adult cat happy. As with most of Iams’ products, real chicken is listed as the number one ingredient to prove the quality and natural products they use.

Where most cat foods use meat substitutes, Iams promises real chicken and real vitamins for your cat. With ingredients including potassium and calcium, this cat food keeps your cats’ joints and bones healthy even as they age. Products with vitamin E will keep your cats immune system ready for anything, warding off scary diseases. Consumers report renewed energy in elderly cats, healthier looking pets, and quick and happy consumption.


  • Energizes your cat
  • Tastes great
  • Helps weight loss


  • Questionable packaging
  • Shipping issues

2. Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Cat Food

Blue Buffalo prides themselves on supplying quality and natural products packed with vitamins and minerals that will keep your cat healthy through their life. Consumers rave about this product’s ability to keep their pets happy and nourish their bodies alluding to visible progress in older cats.

Blue Buffalo’s Healthy Aging cat food is packed with vitamins and minerals specially selected to keep older cats in fit shape no matter how old. They only use real meat so your cat can continue to support their healthy and proactive muscle growth. Proteins and carbohydrates are featured to keep older cats active and to boost their immune systems, protecting them from disease and injury. Blue Buffalo’s product is one of the best cat foods for older cats.

A special addition that Blue Buffalo uses is their Life-Source Bits which are little treats packed with vitamins and minerals that keep your older cats’ bones healthy and strong. Consumers who have used this product say their cats enjoyed the taste and a visible change in their energy was noticed, revitalizing them. Some consumers report faulty bags when receiving the product, so check to make sure no compromise has occurred.


  • Healthy aging formula
  • Revitalizes your old cats
  • Helps sensitive stomachs


  • Can cause gas
  • Not as tasty as other products

3. Purina Pro Plan Senior Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Senior Cat Food

Purina is a giant in the cat food industry offering different wet foods, treats, dry foods, etc. Their practice as a cat food company has been backed by years of experience and outstanding consumer reviews.

The Pro Plan Senior Cat food is one of the products on this list that has been available for years. They have spent time working the recipe and altering the ingredients to offer you one of the best cat foods on the market. Their product has been backed by a 9-year study to find the best ingredients to keep your older cats healthy and happy. They feature real chicken as the first ingredient to show their product does not use substitutes or cut corners.

Pro Plan keeps your senior cats healthy and supports their immune system, keeping them from getting sick and extending their life. On average, cats who eat Pro Plan live almost 7 years longer than the expected life span. Different vitamins and minerals are added to support your cat’s digestive health making this product the best cat food for cats with sensitive stomachs. Consumers support this product saying their cats enjoyed this food for years and were healthy even in their elderly stages.


  • Delicious recipe
  • Healthy vitamins
  • Extended lives


  • Can cause nausea
  • High calories

4. Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ Wet Food

Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ Wet Food

Purina is back on this list with their inclusion of a wet food for cats, ages 7 up. As mentioned before, Purina has been in the cat food industry for decades and have crafted some of the finest recipes for cats of all ages.

This product once again makes the use of real and natural products its priority for your cats’ consumption. Pro Plan 7+ wet food uses real salmon and tuna to create a tasty and nutritious meal for your older cats. This product is also one of the best cat foods for cats with sensitive teeth as it uses nutrients and minerals to help bone development even at an older age. This means that cats 7+ will be able to support their teeth and lessen any tooth pains that might occur.

The vitamins and minerals used in this product will also support your cats coat and fur and boost their immune system to keep them healthy even at an older age. Consumers claim even the grumpiest of adult cats show signs of enjoying this product.


  • Amazing for larger cats
  • Helps immune system
  • Focuses on older cats


  • Can cause stomach issues
  • Some questions arise about ingredients

5. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – 7+

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food - 7+

Hill is a company that supports cats in more ways than one. Their products are cheap and affordable, providing nutritious products to cats of all ages. They also reach out and support shelter cats and help them find homes.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food is the perfect product for keep your adult cat on a healthy path. Their product offers vitamin E, Omega-3, and Omega-6 to keep your cat’s health in top condition. Their cat food keeps your cats’ fur and coat healthy, while supporting even the most sensitive immune systems. This product’s vitamins make this cat food one of the best for older cats with sensitive stomachs.


  • Helps with sensitive stomachs
  • Immune system replenishment
  • Delicious taste for cats


  • Small and hard to eat

6. Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend

Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend

Purina’s cat food products continue to showcase themselves as they uphold a standard on healthy cat foods. Their products continue to be a platform that other companies strive to reach.

Once again, this product uses real chicken and natural minerals to help support your cats immune system and keep them healthy even in their adult years. This product offers a 100% complete and nutritious blend for your cats, so you don’t need to support their diets with other supplements. One of the most all-inclusive products listed, Purina offers your cat a delicious food to keep them healthy and support their immune systems and digestive tracks.


  • Amazing quality food
  • Delicious chewy bites
  • Supports immune systems


  • Incredibly smelly

7. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – 11+

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food - 11+

Hill’s is back with their diet dry food, but this time, their focus turns to cats ages 11 and up. Many similarities can be found between their two products, but some key differences rest in healthy bone and muscle nutrients.

With this product, we see much of the same being offered as with the dry food for cats aged 7+. A similar assortment of vitamins and minerals that allow for strengthened bones and better system support. The recipe used here will keep your adult cat healthy and happy, especially in their later years. The difference between this product and the 7+ version seems to remain in the focus on kidney and bladder health in this version.


  • Small and easy to manage pieces
  • Kidney and bladder health improve
  • Delicious taste


  • Not the best for sensitive stomachs
  • Lacks hairball control

8. Iams Proactive Health Original

Iams Proactive Health Original

Iams comes back onto the list with their original blend of cat food. Their recipe has aged well and continues to make a name for itself with the best cat foods for older cats.

Similar in style to their other product on this list, Iams offers cat owners the comfort of knowing the products in the food are natural and real. Real chicken is always listed as the first ingredient, and vitamins and minerals combine to keep your cat healthy into their later years.


  • Amazing for stomach issues
  • Real ingredients
  • Clears up some existing health issues


  • Issues with the delivery process

9. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – Indoor Cat

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food - Indoor Cat

Some cats prefer an indoor lifestyle with a focus on lounging rather than exploring. This means a different level of energy is required to support their lifestyle and a different source for their energy will help.

As mentioned above, the main difference between this cat food and their other products is the amount of energy the product will give your cat. An indoor cat uses less energy than an outdoor cat, and the focus of their food needs to lie somewhere other than energy supply. This product reflects that and turns their priorities towards digestion and internal processes. The perfect cat food for older indoor cats.


  • Perfect for indoor cats
  • Digestion help
  • Helps with energy


  • Some batches have been compromised

10. Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor

Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor

Another product focusing on indoor cats, Rachael Ray offers your cat a gourmet recipe to keep them healthy in their adult life. Rachael Ray focuses on taste along with health and nails the target on both.

This cat food offers your cat special fiber-rich lentils that help monitor and maintain your cats’ weight. Consumers who have used this product claim their cats love the taste, and have become more active, even in their later years. This product also supports healthy digestion for your pet by using natural pre-biotics from pumpkins.


  • Helps weight loss
  • Great for sensitive stomachs
  • Delicious recipe


  • Smells awful
  • Some hidden ingredients

Overall, Iams Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food is the best cat food that will work well for most senior cats. You should certainly try multiple products on our list of top 10, as you might find that your cat prefers one or two of them over others. Also, if your cat is older than 11 years old, you might want to consider Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – 11+. If you find that your pet has teeth issues, try Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ Wet Food as it was specifically formulated to combat strengthen the teeth.